2 = fire, lay off, discharge, terminate, axe [ax, -USA], let + go, sack, make + redundant, give + Nombre + the boot, boot (out), give + Nombre + the sack, send + Nombre + packing, turf out, cashier.
Ex. It began when Balzac and Pershing had an altercation (theirs was another of the 'running feuds' in the library), and Pershing was fired.
Ex. I've been sitting here wondering how best to select the people to be laid off.
Ex. By the beginning of the nineteenth century many British printers had come to rely for most of their work on relays of apprentices, who were simply discharged at the end of their terms and replaced by new apprentices.
Ex. At coffee yesterday Jeff Gordon had apprised her of the fact that three of his engineers had been summarily terminated.
Ex. 'He's been trying to cover up his tracks; those engineers who got axed were his scapegoats'.
Ex. Suddenly she piped triumphantly, almost getting to her feet: 'We could let the student assistants go!'.
Ex. The author warns that shortsighted companies that believe all the information they need is on the Web may sack information professionals.
Ex. Many people have been made redundant in the takeover and those who joined last were the first to go -- the principle of devil take the hindmost applied.
Ex. He was given the boot for being discovered with a camera taking a photo of hula dancers.
Ex. As Hartwick got older, the feds decided he was a major security risk and booted him out of the program.
Ex. Justin pointed out that the government would not compromise and those found protecting illegal immigrants would be given the sack.
Ex. Those who hold this view argued that the state government lacks the political will to send them packing for good.
Ex. You will be disliked and turfed out as a sacrificial goat once your job is done but there will be many others queuing up for your services.
Ex. His case was referred to the next session, and in the following May he was cashiered.
* despedir a discreción = fire at + will.
* despedir a un empleado = dismiss + employee.
* despedir del trabajo = make + redundant.
* despedir mano de obra = shed + jobs, axe + jobs, cut + jobs.
* despedir obreros = shed + jobs, axe + jobs, cut + jobs.

Spanish-English dictionary. 2013.

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